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CNC : Tiberian Dawn Multiplayer Settings


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I was wondering if specific downloads/add-ons were necessary to host a CNC(dawn) game with more opstions eg : shrough regrowth.


Most importantly, the map selection is limited and most are very small.


What should I do to acquire the above for multiplayer ?


Thank you !



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Sorry to tell you that the settings which are there are the only ones available over cncnet.


Shroud regrowth is for C&C:RA, was never in TD.

Also, Most of those maps are the full size for TD, 64x64 cells is the biggest size. I will say that the layout of a map can make a map feel a lot bigger/smaller, even on the same size, though.


Actually, cncnet offers more options than TD has ever had available before.


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That's a really good point Nyer, considering many people don't even know of it's existence.

Not that it became popular once people DID know about it... but still.


Yeah, it probably SHOULD be done in a way similar to how you had it. Maybe we should pester Funky to make sure people know about it. Extra features certainly never hurt the game.

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