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[RA/TD] Resequencing infantry sprites


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Hey guys,


I want to use some infantry graphics from TD for my RA stuff, but the sequences of the .shp frames are different.

so I could convert the .shp into multiple .pxc files and rename each single file per hand (e.g. RMBO 067.pcx to RMBO 075.pcx, RMBO 068.pcx to RMBO 076 and so on), but you can imagine that is quite a mess with more than 150 file names.


Is there a way to do that easier?

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I used FreeCommander when I did re-sequencing of infanies. It a mass file rename program. It will let you re-name a slected group of files.


It is simple once you understand what the program can do. Fo you task it may be best to rename a group at a time ex Running than Crawling. Once in FreeCommander find the files and select what files you want to rename (drag a box over them). Than hit F2. This will give you all of the options. The Counter is what you should need to mess with.

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