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Unable to connect to Lobby, I am Banned!



Earlier this week had a chat with FunkyFresh through Gamesurge web chat, explaining could not connect to lobby at all. system would keep running trying to connect but never connecting. Now after a computer restore, upgrade to windows 10, renew IP address, deleting old CnCnet/red alert downloads and uploading brand new download, getting the game to connect momentarily but disconnecting with a message saying I can not connect, I am Banned!

I attached a picture that shows the numbers to my location (I assume the numbers are my router location) and no matter what name I use the number stays the same, so assuming is my router location not necessary my computer it self, because have tried with 3 different computers and of all this is the only one I have gotten to connect but with the banned conclusion. Please Help and thanks.


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:ranting: I figure it out, all my Desk Top computers went on DNS server, so DNS is blocking CnCnet from opening... Game works perfect on my Lab Top, plus I am using the same router and connection to log on as before. Only the desk top computers (all 6 of them) won't allow cncnet get in. lol  :down:

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