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Attackers VS Defenders [MAP]


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Map is simple.


Defenders Objective : Defend the psychic beacon until Attackers time ends.

Attackers Objective : Destroy the psychic beacon before the time ends.


Some information on the map :

1 - Tesla, Prism towers and grand cannons can be captured.

2 - If 1 of the Amplifiers is destroyed, it will cause to drop 5 nukes on 1 Attacker.

3 - If a Superweapon is built. The psychic beacon will be owned by 1 of the 4 Defenders. [if this didn't work tell me]

4 - Defenders Have low resources. Attackers have high resources.

5 - Grand Cannons rebuild after a while when they are destroyed.




Its just for fun map. Nothing big.

[imagine and map is in the attachment]





Good Luck - Have Fun.




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