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Light Tanks vs. Medium Tanks


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I focused on light tanks in a couple of mission I played recently, and they performed quite well. I didn't notice them being that much weaker than medium tanks, but it's not like I did any proper performance comparison.


I always assumed that the light tank would be a worse deal because it's almost as expensive as the medium tank, but there doesn't seem to all that much of a difference.


Thoughts, comments? What do the RA1 multiplayer folks say? Apart from "play Soviets instead"?

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Light Tanks do slightly more damage per second than Medium tanks, so you will accrue more damage output per money spent. They're faster so they take less damage using the Q-move, and they are harder to click on.


People prefer mediums though because they are more durable, and they can surive a Tesla shot although there is a bug that allows light tanks to Q-move tesla shots and survive.

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