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[Bugs] I found two serious bugs


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1. If harv going to base and almost reached the refinery garage.. if i click sell ref - harv dancing over it and ref cant be


seled while i not select harv and not order to it goin to other place.


2. If APC attacks, and i ordered engenier going in, he dancing around with APC (not tested with others) and not going to it.

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ohh, he means it can't be sold when a harvester is docked in it?


That's normal. The price for selling it at that point would be different, so it's simply not allowed. It is so you can't use that to sell a harvester.


And as for the APC, attacking happens to be a different unit command then "letting a unit enter", so it cancels the entering command. The infantry's command isn't cancelled though, so it keeps trying.

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And its normal for APC ? I want to micro with infantry and APC but this fact do this inpossible.


So, abot refinery, I cant sell refinery when harv allready docked, but if it abot 1 sec before it i can and it causes bug.Plz try it and see it .

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