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trouble putting music on a micro sd


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So i got a bigger capacity micro sd card for my phone to put music on it. I actually got a couple and was thinking they were bad. Everytime i try to transfer music to micro sd either via connecting my phone usb or taking the micro sd and putting it a sd expansion and using the sd card slot on my computer. Either way it corrupts on my micro sd card. The music plays fine and burns to a cd fine. . What's going on?

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Have you checked what formats your phone actually accepts the music in?


it's mp3 but when i would try connecting it to come computer, it would ask to convert the files and i tried both way to converting and not converting for the files that are not mp3 format. But I got black Player on my phone and it plays more then mp3 files. i never had this problem before with 16gb sd cards. I ent to 32gb and now I have a 64gb. the 32 would act up after so many gigs would get on it and i thought the card was bad and i got another one. it happened again but when i would have more on then the amount the old one would accept. what's the chances of me getting multiple bad sd cards? I get them on ebay. My brother had the same problem too. He has a 128gb for his phone and the same thing keeps happening to him too.

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