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CnC Red Alert : MODDING technical question


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What's up fellow classic fanatics,


My RA mod is nameless. If I could express my original idea into a game and programmed in any language like a pro ( or had capital ), I would make an original game altogether.


Until conditions are met for such endeavor, I enjoy playing the classic cnc games very much and I have begun to mod RA1 with the hope to make combat, stats, damage etc. more realist in my way, all while trying new (unrealist ) things.


I've played RA1 online 1-2 times but have enjoy loathing with skirmish very much, therefore my playtesting is limited to A.I opponents.


To play my (boring) mod, just back up your current rules.ini file and replace it with mine.


ALWAYS set techlevel at 1 in skirmish and choose any map you like and other settings.


NOTE : this is a very primitive and young mod so relax.



I have a conceptual idea to express so if you wish to contribute; make a single player mission story and use my .ini freely OR help me answer technical questions ( below ).


I am creating this mod at the pace at which I'm learning about the game limitations.


PROBLEM : I can set the [155mm] range to 20 but must CRTL+fire in shroud since [ARTY]range seem to bug at >10 where unit no longer reveals shroud. The AI in comparison, appears to find targets in shroud.


Ideally, my unit's sight is the issue. I wish for them reveal more map than 10 in order to least reach the edge or close to esge of the screen.


You may also reply with other comments and ideas.






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