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Let's Play Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Co-op


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Command & Conquer Red Alert 3! I really like this game. Do I like it as much as the older entries? Probably not. I do love the coop campaign, though, and I like the distinctions between the three factions.


Anyway, let's get on to the actual game. We start with the first Soviet mission, in which we defend the Leningrad Fortress - not that it needs much defending; it pretty has unlimited hit points anyway.


Soviets Mission 1: The Shrike and the Thorn

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That last mission, how you deal with the new enemy MCV. Reminds me of playing EbfD. Where in a defend mission. I simply rush in and kill the enemies MCV before a base is even build. :)

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Minimum range huh? Your beach cannon thought at a certain point some minutes later, "!@#$ minimum range" :D

Another funny comment. "Wasn't there a vehicle in Red Alert 2 that could do the same as this IFV?".



That is one of those missions that looks really hard for a first mission. And as said before, you failed it 2 times.

However, if you place your units in the right spots. This mission is a simple, popcorn event.


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