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Problems with Tiberian Sun



Hi, I recently downloaded the single player version of Tiberian Sun. The game starts just fine, however when beginning a skirmish there is a noticeable amount of lag while the text appears (I used to own the CD version and skirmishes would load instantly). Once in the game there is constant freezing; whenever the music changes, and whenever I click the options menu. It can take as long as five minutes to unfreeze and sometimes it just stays frozen for good and I have to do a hard reset of my PC. Saving and loading is unbearable; it can take up to five minutes while the music loops the beat you were listening to when it froze.


Please help.


Thank you

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It's not a file. It's a configuration tool.


What a totally useless comment...



Open the launcher and click on "options", the renderer selection should be there.


Thanks Tore, I tried selecting "default" in the renderer and it just made it worse: the game froze the instant the start menu loaded.

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