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Red Alert GOLD


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Hey everybody.


I'm a bit grown kid at the age of 33 and have been playing C&C all my life.

SO my buddy and I have been looking for this one "Version" of Red Alert we played a lot, when we starede playing C & C. It was called Red Alert Gold and it was actually RA 1 & RA 2 just with some minor "mods" like Oblisk towers and Hummer with A10 guns.


The only problem is that I've been looking all my life for this one version but I can't seem to find it.... Does any of you know this game i'm talking about ??


Bonus info: I'm in possession of The First Dacade and I can't find it in that gamebox so......


Hope you can help me...


Best regards Pozidon

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Are you maybe talking about Command & Conquer Gold? Also known as C&C1 or Tiberian dawn. It has the Oblisk towers and I think it was the only c&c game that actually had "Gold" in the title officially.


It is free btw, you can find it on our site: https://cncnet.org/command-and-conquer


Here is the main page for all downloads: https://cncnet.org/download

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