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            Red Alert 2 Tournaments?! What?! Is this so...? YES. How? We make it so...


So I decided on my own behalf that we must get this old and amazing game back running on a high competitive scale...


I have many players behind me on this one as well. And I'm sure more players reading this post will as well. We as a whole need to get out and promote this and RA2/YR in general. Its been so hard to let alone get a single game going so, how a tournament?! We will make this work.


Will be planning on building a list of players interested in this post as well as players online in the game lobby. On top of that will get into contact with a few of the Administrators... This will help notifying players as they log in that tournaments are now available.


Even a separate access on CncNet.org / tournaments where past tournaments stats will be posted. Then with future tournaments listed as well... There would be a full page of each tournament with the bracket layout. This could be huge... Even construct a tournament point system that will take the top players into a big seasonal tournament. Lots of ideas... If you have more, please, please share them. Lets do this.






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Thanks for the feedback so far guys!


Well, I do agree (a bit) with both of you on that matter... But, a more likely outcome will come from competitive, loyal, and interested gamers. Having say, a monthly tournament would suffice. That way its not too frequent and will draw a bigger outcome rather a weekly tourney.


And not even having any sort of money or other incentives can draw a crowd. I mean... We play for competitive fun now without money incentives? So why not a fun and competitive tournament for people to play and watch?


I even have a capture card system with a Twitch.tv account so the tournament can be streamed live for all to watch.



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