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Enemy uses your color (cheat or bug?)


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I have seen on several occasions that an enemy is sending 'regular soldiers' towards my base but they have MY color. So when I look at my base I see some troops standing around and think all is ok since nothing attacks those troops automatically. Only when I selected a unit myself and then hover over this suspicious trooper it shows I can attack it without the need of pressing CTRL for a forced attack.


One time a guy sent such troops to me and apparently were Tanya's and start blowing up my base while my defense buildings don't kill it due to the friendly team color.


Is this a common bug in CNCNET Red Alert or is it just some dude cheating the game?

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Allied Spies look like Rifle Soldier to the Enemy. You must be playing moded map that lets the Spy have C4.



The CnC Net version dosen't come with the campaign. You have to go and find it.


if im not mistaken, when you download the cncnet package, you can choose online full CD edition or something like that

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I can understand if people conclude it's a glitch or cheat if a spy rampaging their base with C4s since it's not how the default unit should work but when "an enemy is sending 'regular soldiers' towards my base but they have MY color" is obviously something very normal and shouldn't have jumped to the conclusion he is cheating/glitching. You can spend the first 30 minutes after installing playing the Soviet campaign and get the idea that spies are like that when you reached mission 3.

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