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Hello all!


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Hey everybody,


My name is Jared. Nice to meet you all!


First and foremost, I was so fucking excited when I discovered that there was an active server for this game. I grew up playing this game nearly every single day for about 5 years. I was always consistently ranked in the top 200 for a few years in RA2, and even got into the top 50 when YR came out.


That being said, I haven't played this in like...idk, 12 years? Haha. My friend and I installed this stuff and we've been having a BLAST playing again. It's also been great being humbled by those who are obviously savants at this game still. I can't wait to get my lost skill back and actually compete with some of you.


Are there ever any tournaments going on in the community? I would like to help contribute - whether it's streaming tournaments, making videos, casting matches, PLAYING - whatever.


Again - nice to meet you all, and thank you so much for those who made this possible!



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