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Yuri's Revenge Game Update 2.63 released


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- Yuri's Revenge: Potential fix for recent internal errors, as seen here: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6308.0 (Credit Tomsons26 for fix, and Rampastring for testing)

- Yuri's Revenge: Added Borderless Window Mode toggle, for now it can be activated by editing RA2MD.ini and setting NoWindowFrame=Yes in the [Video] section

- Red Alert 2 mode: Fixed a bug where in RA2 Mode where Naval Yard animation was broken when the player was in a low power state (Credit Tomsons26)

- Client: Allow team alliances in game, now on by default

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Hi, im playing this on my netbook with a resolution of 1024x600.. everything is working very well except for the main lobby. It doesn't really fit in my screen.

If i join a game in the lobby then everything fits nicely.


Is it possible to fix this in the coming updates?




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