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EHYs guide --- where is it?


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yoyo gents n ladies.


some time ago, i heard about ehy had an awesome guide, connected to cncnet. unfortunately, i wasn't able to find it via research here...or elsewhere. so i would like to ask, if somebody knows..... WHERE is his guide? ^^deleted by himself like his youtube-vids? but, some of them got saved as well, and are now published encore.


I would consider it a phenomenal contribution to RAhistory, if somebody whom have it, would make it open accessible.  :ivan:


Cheers cheers.

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thanks funky. i knew this guide, but wasn't sure about its origin. thought, maybe there was a deleted one as well. thanks anyway for posting :)

i know there was one other too errr that one is more detailed .... see ya on cncnet lobby for link!  :yo:
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