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  1. hi, in the recent 2-3 weeks, new weird game-crashes occurred with me. the game does not start, there is an error-window. I click to send info to cncnet. I just wondering and wanna ask, if there is a way to fix this? I don't have the issue-number right now, but it is logged.
  2. there are different philosophies: some don't use BMs at all, some only 2, some 3 or 4 some use them functional, some more local. and I know personally that the player commander used them a long time in a way u described: east-to-west bonded cheers
  3. Yoyo folks. Since most of you guys and girls know: Our old website ra1-guides.com had some struggles in the last weeks and went offline. According to some ongoing issues, the ra1-guides.com domaine was even up for auction. However, problems are solved by now and A NEW DOMAINE adresse was found: www.redalert.one <------ try it In the upcoming days and weeks, the old content will be moved to here step by step, and by importance. Thanks to thunder, who made me full-admin of the previous site longtime ago, I have full access to all the content and so can gradually move it. Inbetween this process, I hope to get some support from all those former active site-authors to rejoin this new project and help to transfer their own content as well. That would be awesome and speed up the process a lot. The Readers may be patient a bit more as well, as such a project does cost its time for sure. Nonetheless, let's stay cheerful. In the meanwhile, my plan is to start transferring first with those data, the readers always had the most interest in: Clan Pages General Guides more for Beginners Specific Guides more for Advanced The content, which is more of so-to-say "historical" interests, I will be add much slower, and maybe even in a more bundled form. But that all is depending, whether or not I reach the copyright-owners and get their written agreements to transferring in the first place. Some are even inactive at the moment. At last but not at all least: This new adress is saved and ensured over the year 2020 ahead --- that means, RedAlert and its Guides can surely play many Path Beyond games into the next decade of realtime-strategy gaming and guiding. Cheers, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, Cousinclaus. p.s.: concerning the alternative site afo-blogspot: thunder agreed to put that down, in the sense of not working on it. the reason is: because of many many articles are bonded in their adress to the ra1-page, they don't and won't show up there. so this process of transferring seems to be the best by far.
  4. Question about: "Do not park any tanks next to the kennels" it seems that tanks (with lost-groups) stuck there @kennels. is it allowed to re-group them into #1 or are they lost there?
  5. http://www.ra1guides.com/2017/07/hotkeys.html <--- hotkeys as allies u have to use: +helis +chrono and of course tanks to counter teslaspam. but to do it all same time, u need "interesting and inter building" (see same homepage, article same title) cheers
  6. http://www.ra1guides.com/2017/07/cnc-2.html


    yoyo, mentioned and quoted a vid f ya here :) 

    1. fir3w0rx


      :D Cool, thanx. Glitches are always fun to mess around with.

  7. this is a general setting of the underlying chat-system CNCNET uses and cannot be changed by admins here. same with curse words in some languages and countries (but not active in other countries) to get u kicked 5mins. cheers.
  8. maybe a screenshot of the stats would be nice, too. next time
  9. Clausewitz

    On Speed

    yoyo gents, made a general guide On Speed and where areas of improvements are. Hopefully, someone will find it useful. cheers. http://www.ra1guides.com/2017/06/on-speed.html OnSpeed.tiff
  10. Clausewitz


    http://www.ra1guides.com/2017/05/super-structures.html some days later, promise is fulfilled. a guide on this issue of inside-units. by the way @funkyfresh: when will this button on/off super-structure be enabled? xDD am super-curious hehe
  11. dann ist es ein dritter, der nun aber behoben zu sein scheint ^^ passierte sowohl vor dem ready wie dam dem ready, und hat lobby-neustart erzwungen
  12. Clausewitz


    actually he not nub, he asking right: see pic bellow: 5 rifles "in" a pillbox. it is done same way like super-tesla: select rifles -> send them to place where u wanna build pillbox, when rifles 1square before BUILD pill --> if lucky and no lag and right timing 1-5 rifles are now inside: super-pillbox. maybe shoulda right an article about that. one can theoretically bring ANY unit into any building (factors are only: speed, timing, lag) gg claus. analog trick with engineers xD
  13. update for funky: seit ca 1 Woche ist etwas neues: der Fehler tritt zwar manchmal auf, mit Fehlermeldung als Fenster, ABER !!! xDD dann startet das spiel ganz normal ohne lobby-abbruch und erzwungener Neustart nach dem spiel ist es so, als wäre der Fehler bzw. die Meldung gar nicht aufgetreten juhu. was auch immer du da gedreht hast, es hat es deutlich verbessert für mich. merci merci:) claus.
  14. ah, for me i see them both as the same, but ya right same effect but 2 reasons. so i haven't had that start-crash for about some days now. the other dc-lobbycrash still
  15. yo funky, don know, what change u made, but those "unknown error" lobby-crashes occur now only like half often ! good path
  16. ofc keyboard-express is not allowed, also the hint to how make 1-key-all-shifting is clearly considered cheating. however. before redoing-overworking the old site, maybe better idea is to contribute to ra1.guides.com, where others like ford, boy, cro, maty, many more, thunder and me are publishing the recent stuff. JCL, your (copied from 199x-other website) production-time-numbers-list is there already included. i would <3 instead to see your old site conserved for historical purpose
  17. congrats to FAUST^ he first showed me: https://www.pic-upload.de/view-32905870/faustGMC.jpg.html and some hours later MATY, who posted here also i guess )
  18. yoyo funky. todays new update seems to change something relating to MAC and general connectivity. found 2 mac-playing guys in lobby, one named KONG, with same issue. Most the games just don't CONN, or no connections to others are found? i ve no clue, what ya changed, but maybe A change was more bad. Wasn't that last weekend, only since new update. please help thanks in regards
  19. yoyo. being ingamelobby and then randomly this error comes: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-32568897/fehler_neu.jpg.html saying: game data has been changed. it forces a total reload of cncnet then. happened several times today. and ofc i am using the current version of the game. unsure, if a mac-related error it is. happy for any help:)
  20. which update-version of the game u have installed? which os.x version do u use? can u please screenshot your general game settings also, please. without more info, cannot help.
  21. they are the same like on windows. just go to normal settings in-lobby and change them, personalize them. although, with the button ALT...i see the only diff so far. it never worked the way it should: like forcedmoced etc. so.....if u go under settings there. where the alt key is always selected = apple-button on mac, then u can Reselect it to another key, if it doesn't work. besides that, even TAB key can be removed, if disliked. i never saw any difference on mac-keyboard so far. and i am using probably all the available hotkeys.
  22. i had this mouse-cursor-vanishing very often, like out of 1/30game. then u funky made with me the tests and since then: NEVER occurred any more. so i would suggest whoever with mac has this issue, to do a new download with the fixes we worked on FIRST. then see.....
  23. i had this mouse-cursor-vanishing very often, like out of 1/30game. then u funky made with me the tests and since then: NEVER occurred any more. so i would suggest whoever with mac has this issue, to do a new download with the fixes we worked on FIRST. then see.....
  24. yo. if u start a new game, inside, the settings u can easily find the aftermath-enable-option yes, so far i know, ford made a balanced europe-map-version, which is played often and should be easy to find as well. and every starting is rocky; learn-losing is the path to become better ^^
  25. ok...to point it out even clearer: some days ago, a pseudo nicknamed crush was inlobby-chat. i asked the same admin/mod dutchie asked, for please doing something....because that pseudo-nicknamed-crush....was so bad behaving. i didn't get ANY answer, although mod was online (by like: 5sec before an action or writing) and NOTHING happened. so. again. i wanna ASK: what is the issue here? i get both: a bit of trolling is part of the game. but there are red-lines to not-cross. and if crossed, somebody needs do something. where are those folks, who do something then? (members of dutchies team told me, he wants to skip RA furthermore, because of all this..................... he wasn't been seen for 5days now, before that, he was a great upcoming talent with lotsa improving very fast)
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