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Ra2/YR Black screen Windows 7



Hi all, here's the situation:


Problem: I get a black screen anytime I try to play the game. I can hear noises, but I can see nothing except black. This is a common error, but I've searched many forums and nothing seems to be working. Tried compatibility modes, etc.


I have a new computer working with OS Linux version Ubuntu 16.04. I am using a virtual box to use a windows 7 ISO file (note: not using a windows 7 key). I have a NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPU and I am not sure if I fully installed it properly on my Linux. (This could be a potential problem, although I doubt it).


How does one get the game to work using windows 7 in the virtual box here?


Thank you.

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Did you just copy the game folder into your box, or did you install the game and then run the CnCNet installer? Running the installer helps install compatibility fixes.


On a side note, open up CnCnet go to Options > Display, under renderer select TS-DDRAW. This should solve your black screen problem.

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Hi Grant, thanks for the suggestion, I'm trying it right now.


I've uninstalled everything I did so far. Now reinstalled ra2 and yr from the .exe files on xwis.


Then, I install cncnet. I will now click the TS-DDRAW option to see if that will fix my black screen.


Okay this doesn't work yet either.


So when I select TS-DDRAW and start a skrimish game, I get the dreaded black screen (with a white screen in it too). When I press escape to go to quit screen it miraculously shows up. (So it shows the exist screen but not the actual gameplay). Not sure what could be wrong.


So first problem needing to be solved is this black screen.


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