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Re: Red Alert 1 Online problems



1) I did task manager and it does not work, it just goes into game and then min back. (this isn't much of an issue, I dont alt tab during online play but it can be annoying to forget to save in story mode)


2) This solved my issue thank you.


3) it says I got 3.03E in red alert 1 and the interface did change showing "4players" on the right. But what online interface you mean? The network? Or westwood online? When I try westwood it tells me to sign up, and network does nothing.


Thank you for your reply.

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I think you may need to forward the ports required for Command and Conquer Red Alert which you can always try.


Please forward the following ports...


1234 - 1237 UDP and TCP


3840 UDP and TCP


4000 UDP and TCP


4005 UDP and TCP


4808 UDP and TCP


4810 UDP and TCP


4995 UDP and TCP


5400 UDP and TCP


5009 UDP and TCP


7000 - 7002 UDP and TCP


I hope I answered your question!




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Didn't work =S, is there any manual way of doing it? If it has something to do with host file, do I need to add an ip? Because I think my spybot is blocking shit. It has a list of ip websites blocks on the host file.


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Very strange, did not see the ip's in the host file when its suppose to be there. I posted it, but still does not work. Tunngle on the other hand works perfectly (so far) and works better than my hamachi experiences.

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