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Screen Resolution and Mouse issues



Ok, I have played around with several different setting options and I'm getting a variety of issues. I've only been able to get the game to run properly in full screen mode but then when I either accidentally hit the Windows button or my computer has a pop up notification it kills the game and I can't get back to full screen mode.


If I am running in windowed mode, I'm finding it difficult to get the window to be the correct size, maximizing the window is never an option. Furthermore, my mouse is pretty;much uncontrollable and seems to be moving at the speed of light or I get a double mouse cursor; one inside the window and one outside the window on the rest of my desktop which will select folders and other files on my desktop which means I can't actually play the game either.


What should I do? What are y'all using for settings on your laptop?


EDIT: Running Windows 10. This post is for Red Alert

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a) mouse light-speed: it seems, that your mouse sensitivity is much too high, so is then your scroll-speed.


try this:


1. to change in RA1-settings mouse sensitivity to the 3rd mark from the left-side regarded. AND/OR

2. maybe the option "adjust scroll speed to sensitivity" on-off can help also. AND/OR

3. check your general windows-mouse-settings, could be much too speedy as well. AND/OR

4. "mouse-fix" on-off, if u experienced mouse-issues


but therefore.... often your resolution can affect that also.


so which res do u use?

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