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Updates on the site during the last few weeks.


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During the last few weeks I've been improving the site. There are not many changes but they are noticeable:


  • The downloads system have been reorganized. It now shows the individual game at the index.
  • Many of the broken images in the gallery have been fixed. There are still broken pictures lying around though. The gallery has also been updated to the latest version.
  • There have been some improvements to the guides page. It shows what games the guides are for in a better way. Some guides have been updated and some have been split.
  • Minor improvements to the main page. Most noticeably the featured section.
  • Minor improvements to the games page.
  • Improvements to the navigation menus. Many of the dropdown menus now links game categories instead of single pages.
  • Minor spell check across the pages
  • New button graphics for Quote, Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and Split


There are also other things I've done but they are not worth noting.

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Yay, the new buttons work for me now! :D Hopefully the gallery works as well...


[Edit] Nah, the gallery still does not display newly uploaded images XD What's wrong with it already! :ranting:


I am sorry MrFlibble, but... You must fail really hard huh?

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I am sorry MrFlibble, but... you must fail really hard huh?

Well, every time I try to upload an image into my custom album, the procedure goes on as normal, but no image can be actually seen: the gallery shows a generic thumbnail images that looks like a computer monitor, and that's all. Of course I'm disappointed, everything used to work normally last year!

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