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Where is kapa371 at?


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Where is kapa371 and his lover boy Zay?  Do they have some mandatory military service :reporting: in South Korea or something or have they switched to sc2?


Also there are rumors that Kapa really is a midget that just happens to be super good at TS and that he is suffering from severe dwarfism condition.


Can some one please give me some clarification on these questions so I can get some sleep at night.



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I heard he was living in the Amazon jungle... laying low training with zayuin00 with their LAN setup running off solar power... waiting for clans to return to ts so they can come back with vengeance.


Oh really so that is what is going. Them sneaky silly boys are practicing on their team playing skills in da jungle..  :cnc: Solar power LAN setup is elite though as long as it is mobile..


So there are gonna be some clan wars going on soon, Then I might have to prepare some strategies with my super clan m8 mr12345. We will most likely do the him going 1ref MK or 1ref engi every game and me going early huge eco macro play so I can fly an mcv to his base protect him and then play 2 vs 1 the rest of the game.. :D  ooooooooops maybe I should not have revealed this.. me and my loud mouth.

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Tomorrow me and my donkey will start our pilgrim trip east, trying to track down the famous kapa371 :reporting: in Asia. I am packing a large amount of provisions for me and my donkey right as I am writing this. If we manage to find this kapa who´m everybody is speaking so highly of we will try to convince him to come back to TS again and also maybe challenge him to a few 1vs1 games on LAN in a cybercafe in central Soul, South Korea.


Wish me good luck and a safe trip guys, I will either be blogging or maybe even vloging my progress.  I am expecting the trip taking me and my donkey around 6-9 months two ways though..



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Take me with you.


I appreciate your offer but sorry can not do that Junior.. It will be way to dangerous. Have you seen what f*cked up countries we will have to cross to reach to South Korea by foot from Europe. It will not be pretty I can promise you that. You will only become a liability for me and I will be struggling already to keep my dear stubborn donkey safe from gangs and wreckers.  :dry:


I can pass on a message for you to the great kapa371 when I find him if you want me to though..  ;)

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