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Game Speed Issue


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This is really getting to me. It happens in Tiberian Dawn Redux, Vietnam Glory Obscured, and in Cold War Crisis.


Skirmish games run at the speed they are supposed to but single player games are too fast.


And there is no provision to alter single player game speed either.


Were we all meant to be playing this on slow computers?


Could a single player speed option be added in?


Until then, is there a way round this?


My System specs are:


OS: Windows Xp Pro SP3

RAM: 4Gb (actually 3.25Gb)

CPU: AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-core 2.5Ghz

GPU: PowerColor Radeon HD 5770

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It may also be the engine being old as I see you have a Quad Core and almost 4GB of RAM. I commend you as that is a nicer rig than what I have myself (Dual Core Athlon with 3GB RAM and a Nvidia 9500 GT GPU) and I am the one who done all the initial development and testing of the mod! From what I know the game engine back then was designed when the first Dual Core processors were just initially becoming widely available commercially, so it is no wonder that your system can run the game with blazing fast speed! it is somewhat fast on max settings even on my Dual Core system!


It is fast with Shader 2.0 enabled as well?


Also if you max out your graphical settings which includes setting your screen to the highest possible resolution your computer monitor can handle it may also help with slowing down the game.

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