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Kaboom and DTA Client


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Do u just mean I have to reinstall cnc ?


I tried reinstalling it and now it just gets stuck at some point.

Could you upload the client.log for this now (to see where it's getting stuck).

Sorry you're getting these issues, hopefully we can get you back online soon!

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Look at the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Alert 2\Maps\Custom. How many custom maps do you have?


Viewing the log I get the impression that the client isn't actually frozen, rather it's taking its time loading thousands of custom maps.


Try moving the custom maps out or deleting them and see if the client starts up normally then.

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Thanks man i can log in again after i deleted all those custom maps.


Another thing now is I cant seem to play modded maps as it always says:


The host had failed to upload the map etc.


This was supposed to be fixed already according to the status update. To help the devs, please trigger the error, close the client, and upload client.log so they can find out possibly why it happens.

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