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Me Tanks are being naughty!

Dr. Wonderful

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:( Thats right, naughty!


  Backstory time...


So, yesterday, I was on my computer, of course, and working on editing graphics for my mod. I was using the SHP editor. Well, I edited the light tank, I changed all the frames myself. When I used the XCC mix editor to insert the new graphics, I found that I must have some way to tell the game what unit these graphics were for. After studying long and hard, I renamed the file ltnk. I inserted and compacted it, and when I played, I worked! :laugh: But. I then edited the flame tank's graphics, renamed it ftnk, inserted, compacted, played. It didn't work.  :mammoth:

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Allright, I'll take a look.




The files seem to work fine, but you used the green colour on index 4 (fifth colour; indices start from 0) of the palette on the flame tank. That's a reserved colour that can't be used as green on units or structures since the game replaces it by the shadow filter.


also, that double barrel on the light tank looks kinda messed up, and not very realistic. I'm fairly sure there are already modded graphics of a double-barreled light tank out there, for RA1 at least.


There are no icons in there, though.


Note on the icons: they are theater dependent, meaning they need the extension that corresponds to the theater, and not just ".shp". So for the Flame Tank, that's FTNKICNH.DES/WIN/TEM/SNO

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Spoke too soon about the icons. I had renamed the chemical tank icon to ftnkicnh.tem, fail, temp.ftnkicnh, fail, even the shp file extension I tried changing to tmp, tem, tep. Fail, fail, FAIL!!!


Here is the mod again with the CT icon. (Don't mind the e1, he's not yet complete.)


Opps, how did that get there?

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it's called "ftnkicnh.shp" in the mix file. But that's not a temperate icon at all; it's clearly meant for the desert colour palette. Also, it has background colour (palette index #0) in it as part of its black; never a good idea; that tends to cause refresh errors.


Do you have extensions visible in Windows? You'll probably have a hard time renaming extensions if that's not enabled.

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