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  1. Okay, this is epic. I didn't see that post earlier, so I tried it now and it fixed both problems very nicely. Thank you a' very much.
  2. Yeah, hey every/anyone! I am back (at least for now). So straight to the point, I have been noticing a detrimental bug in my (unmodded) C&C95.exe where the in-game cursor will occasionally "jump" (teleport) a little to the side for no reason. I have reinstalled everything, run it as an administrator, but regardless, my cursor does not want to conform to my demands. Now there is something even worse; if I use the UGE on the C&C95.exe at all, the in-game cursor will become extremely glitched and sticks to the corners of the screen, no matter where in game, where I click, or how I run it. With this problem, the game is essentially unplayable. (the UGE edit causes no other noticeable problems) I don't believe it is my mouse, as I have tried it with different mouses and have looked through their settings. But if it is, well then shucks... So, cool!
  3. Or, you could use the XCC mixer to snag that mission out of the file (you'd have to look around, because I don't know what file it's in.). Then cange the last to letters in its name to be "ea". But, if ya ain't got XCC, and don't know what I am talking about, we have a problem.
  4. I should just use Gamemaker studio to create a "sole survivor".
  5. Yeah, I like the first one better. Umm, an SSM is a surface-to-surface-missile. On a helicopter, perhaps an ASM.
  6. This is a bit unrealistic. It should start the animation, stop half way, then go back and start it again, and then complain that my password was incorrect with a little popup, ask for permissions, then restart from the beginning of the animation, right? :heady: I'm definitely doing that. Now, I'm have trouble with getting vehicles or infanty to acually come out of a building when there built. I don't know how to work the "exit cell(s)". .
  7. Well, I already have an icon. I was just have problems with getting the second barrel to look right. The Chopper: Which faction has it? And, what are those things on the... wings? Jets or missiles? I think missiles would be great. I like the cockpit.
  8. @#;:'2;&!!! I'm sorry, I just want to play your mod REALLY badly. Question: Can I use you' tank hunter, uhh, thing. I have a "microtank" in my mod, which is essentially a light tank with two barrels. Sooo, I was looking for an shp for a double-barreled tank.
  9. Well, that's the problem. I am attempting to convert a regular picture. I use your conversion guide from png to shp all the way up till step seven, which is impossible because I don't have any frams to copy! Yuck. And I'm. Still working on the radar logo. Each progressive frame is a darkened version of the last, right? :engie:
  10. Okay, I got the logos sorted out. I have also successfully did an experiment involving minigunners actually using a chain gun. Now, I know how to assemble a tech tree, but I wanted one faction to have a "Heavy Gunner" while the rest of them have minigunners. How can this be done? And finally, yes, I have looked at your conversion guide. The problem is, I just have a reqular PNG. Only one frame. Soooo, I cant quite finish the conversion process.
  11. Yeah, it's the tank hunter right? There was one in DTA. It was a campaign vehicle by the name of Heavy Artillery (Arty)
  12. Dr. Wonderful


    Thank goodness. Just about to have an oil spill.
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