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  1. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    How do you turn a 3D object into that???!!!
  2. save game files cnc95

    Or, you could use the XCC mixer to snag that mission out of the file (you'd have to look around, because I don't know what file it's in.). Then cange the last to letters in its name to be "ea". But, if ya ain't got XCC, and don't know what I am talking about, we have a problem.
  3. How do I get SoleSurvivor

    I should just use Gamemaker studio to create a "sole survivor".
  4. Can't install TiberianDawn_Online_installer or cc95v106c_r3_u4

    Maybe your out of space?...
  5. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    Yeah, I like the first one better. Umm, an SSM is a surface-to-surface-missile. On a helicopter, perhaps an ASM.

    This is a bit unrealistic. It should start the animation, stop half way, then go back and start it again, and then complain that my password was incorrect with a little popup, ask for permissions, then restart from the beginning of the animation, right? :heady: I'm definitely doing that. Now, I'm have trouble with getting vehicles or infanty to acually come out of a building when there built. I don't know how to work the "exit cell(s)". .
  7. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    Well, I already have an icon. I was just have problems with getting the second barrel to look right. The Chopper: Which faction has it? And, what are those things on the... wings? Jets or missiles? I think missiles would be great. I like the cockpit.
  8. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    @#;:'2;&!!! I'm sorry, I just want to play your mod REALLY badly. Question: Can I use you' tank hunter, uhh, thing. I have a "microtank" in my mod, which is essentially a light tank with two barrels. Sooo, I was looking for an shp for a double-barreled tank.

    Well, that's the problem. I am attempting to convert a regular picture. I use your conversion guide from png to shp all the way up till step seven, which is impossible because I don't have any frams to copy! Yuck. And I'm. Still working on the radar logo. Each progressive frame is a darkened version of the last, right? :engie:

    Okay, I got the logos sorted out. I have also successfully did an experiment involving minigunners actually using a chain gun. Now, I know how to assemble a tech tree, but I wanted one faction to have a "Heavy Gunner" while the rest of them have minigunners. How can this be done? And finally, yes, I have looked at your conversion guide. The problem is, I just have a reqular PNG. Only one frame. Soooo, I cant quite finish the conversion process.
  11. Replicating units

    Can you do that with TD?
  12. Allied/GDI Airfield

    Yeah, it's the tank hunter right? There was one in DTA. It was a campaign vehicle by the name of Heavy Artillery (Arty)
  13. Arco

    Thank goodness. Just about to have an oil spill.
  14. Arco

    I hate to say, but I am obsessed oil now. I'm trying not to add an ARCO faction into my mod. But it's sooo tempting... The largest class of oil tankers are ULCC Super Tankers.

    I just got done experimenting with a Multi 3 logo. It doesn't fit correctly with the... uh, designated space. Also, I can't conver PNG files to SHPs!! And finally, why is there an error here?