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  1. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    How do you turn a 3D object into that???!!!
  2. save game files cnc95

    Or, you could use the XCC mixer to snag that mission out of the file (you'd have to look around, because I don't know what file it's in.). Then cange the last to letters in its name to be "ea". But, if ya ain't got XCC, and don't know what I am talking about, we have a problem.
  3. How do I get SoleSurvivor

    I should just use Gamemaker studio to create a "sole survivor".
  4. Can't install TiberianDawn_Online_installer or cc95v106c_r3_u4

    Maybe your out of space?...
  5. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    Yeah, I like the first one better. Umm, an SSM is a surface-to-surface-missile. On a helicopter, perhaps an ASM.

    Alright, none of you will know me until now, for it is I, Dr. Wonderful (Dr. W)! I have plans for making a mod for TD, but I don't know were to get started. And I do have some experience from the "XCC" map editor.

    This is a bit unrealistic. It should start the animation, stop half way, then go back and start it again, and then complain that my password was incorrect with a little popup, ask for permissions, then restart from the beginning of the animation, right? :heady: I'm definitely doing that. Now, I'm have trouble with getting vehicles or infanty to acually come out of a building when there built. I don't know how to work the "exit cell(s)". .
  8. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    Well, I already have an icon. I was just have problems with getting the second barrel to look right. The Chopper: Which faction has it? And, what are those things on the... wings? Jets or missiles? I think missiles would be great. I like the cockpit.
  9. Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread

    @#;:'2;&!!! I'm sorry, I just want to play your mod REALLY badly. Question: Can I use you' tank hunter, uhh, thing. I have a "microtank" in my mod, which is essentially a light tank with two barrels. Sooo, I was looking for an shp for a double-barreled tank.

    Well, that's the problem. I am attempting to convert a regular picture. I use your conversion guide from png to shp all the way up till step seven, which is impossible because I don't have any frams to copy! Yuck. And I'm. Still working on the radar logo. Each progressive frame is a darkened version of the last, right? :engie:
  11. Arco

    Funky building alert Backstory: So I took a 15 min break from modding to make a custom mission. I opened my XCC editor. As I was building, and building, and building, I decided to put some civilians in. And in the civilian's buildings, there was a wacky structure called the Arco. Wha?

    Okay, I got the logos sorted out. I have also successfully did an experiment involving minigunners actually using a chain gun. Now, I know how to assemble a tech tree, but I wanted one faction to have a "Heavy Gunner" while the rest of them have minigunners. How can this be done? And finally, yes, I have looked at your conversion guide. The problem is, I just have a reqular PNG. Only one frame. Soooo, I cant quite finish the conversion process.
  13. Replicating units

    Can you do that with TD?
  14. Allied/GDI Airfield

    Yeah, it's the tank hunter right? There was one in DTA. It was a campaign vehicle by the name of Heavy Artillery (Arty)
  15. Arco

    Thank goodness. Just about to have an oil spill.
  16. Arco

    I hate to say, but I am obsessed oil now. I'm trying not to add an ARCO faction into my mod. But it's sooo tempting... The largest class of oil tankers are ULCC Super Tankers.

    I just got done experimenting with a Multi 3 logo. It doesn't fit correctly with the... uh, designated space. Also, I can't conver PNG files to SHPs!! And finally, why is there an error here?

    Oh, sorry. Your right. Never mind. What I mean is I have just figured out how to work UGE. Problem solved. But, you know, radar icons. When playing the mission. You see the big (honking, if I might add) GDI/Nod/Dino icon. How is that messed up, er, I mean edited.

    I just go done reading the doc of Cnc95UGE and, well, I can't see them in binary. Oh wait! The calculator! But, how do I tell which byte a unit/structure's code starts? Also, how do I get radar icons to load?

    Is it possible for the game to load icons for iconless things? (The Bio Research facility)

    You know, I could create a ARCO tanker truck unit. It would do nothing but crush tiny people. But any way, have you heard of the Biowar mod? *Of course he has!* But anyway, does it still even exist? (I'm probably not the first one to have asked this.)
  22. Funpark is getting pushy!

    [glow=red,2,300]I am speaking for my dear friend who cannot play TD because the Dinosaurs have taken over.[/glow] Alright, so you see, my friend is having trouble playing TD. He has it on Origin. The problem is whenever he tries to begin a new campaign, instead of launching one of the two campaigns, it launches the funpark missions!
  23. Funpark is getting pushy!

    Yeah, but he had to take it out and order a new one. But I guess he could use it without.

    Yup. And it worked!? I have a little ... surprise for everyone. But first I need to find exactly how to make the light tank fire two shells instead of one...
  25. Funpark is getting pushy!

    He didn't have the patch, because, before he could get it, his graphics card broke!!!