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Funpark is getting pushy!

Dr. Wonderful



[glow=red,2,300]I am speaking for my dear friend who cannot play TD because the Dinosaurs have taken over.[/glow]

Alright, so you see, my friend is having trouble playing TD. He has it on Origin. The problem is whenever he tries to begin a new campaign, instead of launching one of the two campaigns, it launches the funpark missions!

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Maybe he googled online for compatibiliy fixes and added the funpark parameter to the Origin launch parameters for the game, thinking it was some kind of compatibiltiy option :P


Did he install the 1.06 patch?


Now I'm wondering if I actually removed the funpark parameter on it. I removed all need for the mode by putting the dino missions in the New Missions menu, but I dunno if I actually removed the parameter.

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