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How to play .mpr or .mix maps in Skirmish?





I need your help to understand how to install .mpr and .mix TS/FS maps to play them on Skirmish mode. Indeed, I tried to copy these map files in ...\CnCNet\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\Firestorm or CnCNet\TiberianSun_Online but it doesn't show up in Skirmish. The only workaround I found so far is to rename the .mpr file in ...\CnCNet\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\Firestorm into .map; then I can see them in Skirmish.


I'm sure there must be a trick to install them since all downloadable map on Internet are either .mpr or .mix (map pack) but just can't figure it out.


Thanks for your help.

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