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An idea

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Just an idea i had. I have made very little work on TS:BoB Recenty and CnC-comm has become rather quiet, so what would you think if i Turned the TS:BoB forum in to a forum like Gangster Sandbox on PPM , a forum covering several mods under the one roof all by the same person (of course dont expect the same standard)


TS:BoB will still be supported of course and at the end of the day its up to Tore.



Possibly supported Games

- WiP's


Command and Conquer (using Nyerguds newest Patch at the time)

- I have idea however atm nothing is worth announcing


CnC Red Alert

RA:BoB, Both Barrels (i cant not complete this mod :D)


CnC: Tiberian Sun (with and with out both ETS and the Hyper patch)

-Revo's TS (ETS), TS:BoB


CnC Generals [and Zero Hour?]

-Revo's Generals


Fallout 3 (all DLC's i will try to keep compatability with the all even if several version are needed)

- Revo's FO3, small DLC style add-on (no name)


Fallout New Vegas (only when it and modding tools are out, any FO3 mod will still be finished prior to mod being started on this game)

- A Revo's i guess



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Added the list of possibly supported games and mods for them


Basicaly if its a BoB (Best of Beta) it recreates the best bit of a beta based on screenshots, videos, etc

if its a Revo's mod its the game according to me they will include new items/graphics as well as unused/converted graphics and files, some original new content as well as new maps and game play options


the other mod (not including the small DLC FO3 mod) are Total Conversions

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