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MRLS with locked turret?


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I'm looking for an .shp of the mobile rocket launcher from CnC95 with the turret locked (so, only 32 frames). Looking for it with RA1 palet, though. (But I also can convert if needed).Z


I have one, but the turret placement is off. I'm pretty sure someone has one; Allen, I kinda suspect you very well may have a version of this?


I just didn't want to sit around copy/pasting that turret into the correct placement 32 times... when someone probably has the finished product already.


If not, I guess I'm just copy pasting, lol.

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The turret rocks around terribly on yours? Mine isn't positioned correctly. I really don't want to do 32 frames of copy/paste trying to manually get that crap right, haha


Mine has the turret locked to the body. The C&C95 MLRS has some logic that move the turret back that isn't seen in RA1.

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