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No admin was online at the time (aside from the 3 bots, ofc), so that's why I am posting here.


So today I found an impersonator, which, as far as I know, is illegal on CNCnet.

I am XHUNterX (obviously), impersonator is Balrog17 there (while impersonating, the real one was online as Balrog17_ at the time). I don't know if you can catch them by this only, so I added them to my friendlist. I don't know how it's implemented, but I hope it helps in any way whatsoever.


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Ok, so I made a post about this already with Balrog17 being impersonated. I got an answer that some admins could do something maybe. Great. Sadly, I can't reach anyone. Tried Ferret on Discord, but they haven't answered yet (after several hours). And things are getting out of hand...

[FUN]MV and Balrog17 are already being impersonated. Currently, there are only 3 Balrog17 players online, Balrog17_ being the real one. There is a [FUN]MV impersonator online too. That's at least 3 people impersonating others.


Balrog and MV are friends. So am I a friend of his, and some other people. It's only time before these people will start impersonating all of us. I am NOT kidding or overreacting when I say, I SERIOUSLY NEED ADMIN SUPPORT ON THIS ONE.

I need at least some way of at least contacting a group of admins. The fact that I can contact an admin who is supposedly online and then not having ANY reaction for 4 hours straight is unacceptable. I am talking in the name of the whole community when I say we seriously need a good way of contacting admins.


I will have the real Balrog17 use his forum profile comment as soon as this post is approved my a mod, just to show that I am not making this shit up, it's happening.


For the approving moderator/admin: Please relay this to other admins too so they see it. Some assholes got into our little community who enjoy griefing and being overall destructive. Let's face it, the community is almost a little family in a sense, and people like these impersonators have nothing to do in it. But the only ones who can ACTUALLY do ANYTHING about it are you with power.

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