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we cant play



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Automatic = Hong Kong


All other tunnels have very high packet loss for chinese, they can't be used (too much lag)



Yes, sometimes pinky323 is very laggy, would be nice to have another server for chinese only games.



For international games you guys can only use Automatic (hong kong), so make sure if you have players from outside china you always use Automatic, DO NOT use pinky323 for international games, it will lag for everyone outside china




Again, just to make it clear:



All players in a game are from china -> use pinky323


Some players are outside china -> use Automatic

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I just looked, pinky restarted the server and used a bad password. Now all games fail to connect and it's using the default server in europe because no other working chinese ones are available :(


Can you contact him and tell him to fix it? If not, I will try to contact him




Can you guys use Automatic (hong kong) until it's fixed?



Edit: "Zifengtang 2" is also working! Use this one or Automatic until pinky restarted the server





ORA-pinky -> Bad Password, not working

RA95_wk -> Port Closed, not working

Zifengtang -> Port Closed, not working

Zifengtang 2 -> Working!

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