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  1. Bad username on some GameSurge servers

    Cant connection, bad user
  2. how to improve connection?

    To Funky : V3 server works , but V2 cant :
  3. how to improve connection?

    To Funky : how to host a linux server?
  4. QuickMatch Ladder Testing

    but cant open the page:https://forums.cncnet.org/forum/73-ladder-testers/ The page you are looking for cannot be found. Similar results are provided below, or you can try another search Search site To find the missing content, try these steps: Visit the domain home page Reload this page Search for the missing content with the search box above SmartErrors powered by CloudflarePrivacy policy
  5. QuickMatch Ladder Testing

    I would like to test the ladder
  6. how to improve connection?

    good, we'll try it
  7. how to improve connection?

    a year ago ,I use vLAN software(nmarix) play with other players in cncnet( LAN mode ) ,but now nmarix doesnt work。 So I found another software “n2n” make a vlan, but cant see players in LAN mode。In “n2n” vlan ,each pc’s IP like :10.168 .86.X, but CnCNet.LAN.IrcD.Server make a different IP like :,how to solve this problem? because we cant paly at auto mode,but somebody cant use p2p mode ,so we need vLan ,or we come back CGA(HF)。 :( Funky : we need chinese v2 tunnles,cant paly now。
  8. To funky: how to port forward? Translate the following text……and tell me how to setting…………thank you! 映射模式: 模式1 模式2 规则编辑 状态: 开启 关闭 描述: 协议: TCP UDP TCP和UDP 源地址限制: 外部端口: - (不能为空,端口范围:1-65535) 内部端口: - (当外部端口只填一个时,为空表示,内部端口与外部端口相同) 内部主机地址: 广域网接口: (为空:表示全部广域网)
  9. how to port forward ? look pic under。
  10. Attention to the Chinese Community

    MO community 地址是什么?
  11. Attention to the Chinese Community

  12. Attention to the Chinese Community

    需要独立的IP,之前用阿里云和腾讯 的服务器 可以,但是一些没有独立IP的服务器不行。你有QQ吗?联系一下
  13. how to improved connection?

    If all tunnel servers can be used as a VPN server only for players to use, optimize the connection speed, that will improve the connection speed.
  14. how to improved connection?

    how to improved connection? 1、If no port problem, is the P2P mode faster than the tunnel mode? 2、Use the third party Virtual Lan software (eg. Hamachi,nmatrix ) between Tunnel server and player ,can be use to improve the network connection? 3、In tunnel mode, the connection speed depends on the connection between the player and the server or the connection between the players?
  15. how to use cncnet

    how to run cncnet5(local area network function) under CGA ? IF we dont have fast tunnel sever? Run ra95(3.03p) under CGA cant use the new functions of cncnet5 edtion.