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  1. If all tunnel servers can be used as a VPN server only for players to use, optimize the connection speed, that will improve the connection speed.
  2. how to improved connection? 1、If no port problem, is the P2P mode faster than the tunnel mode? 2、Use the third party Virtual Lan software (eg. Hamachi,nmatrix ) between Tunnel server and player ,can be use to improve the network connection? 3、In tunnel mode, the connection speed depends on the connection between the player and the server or the connection between the players?
  3. how to run cncnet5(local area network function) under CGA ? IF we dont have fast tunnel sever? Run ra95(3.03p) under CGA cant use the new functions of cncnet5 edtion.
  4. We all Ping pinky323 server is ok but game connetion fail and turn other tunnel
  5. All players in a game are from china -> use pinky323 I know it ,but somtimes the pinky323 tunnel does't work, it will use other lag tunnel (HK tunnel?)
  6. we will setup other tunnels for chinese,but pls open some tunnels standby
  7. Chinese players after update, cant see the tunnel list . but sometime pinky323 cant play,we have no tunnel can be use pls show the Hk tunnel and other tunnel (ping <300ms)
  8. how about the tunnel sever‘s hardware requirements? CPU Cores ?RAM ?Bandwidth? and IF we play an 3v3 ra95 game(10min) ,How much network data flow for tunnel sever?
  9. What is the difference between the Red Alert original edition and the first expansion(Counterstrike)? and what is the difference between the first expansion(Counterstrike) and the second expansion(Aftermath) ?
  10. how to delete map ,in cncnet software?
  11. how to edit the red alert string tables? The .eng files cant be edited.
  12. Can be translated into Chinese/Japanese/Korean?
  13. but .bat files how to complete the configuration??
  14. Win7?32-bit? how to automatically start the tunnel program and complete the configuration??it is best to run and hide the background. I create a shortcut, and automatically run but failed.?C:\Windows\cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "Server1" -maxclients 16 -headless?