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  1. LAN modus use IRC server, we need it too.
  2. Tournament Maps: Wide open Liquid Arena V3 Su27 Map2 P4-1x2x Tournament Players: 1v1 Game: 1、YaNg_wk 2、Sam_wk 3、G3M1n_wk 4、1Way_wk 5、hhdbb_wk 6、Walker_wk 7、gogogo_wk 8、2#.AI_wk 9、Hold_wk 10、Dong_wk 11、Jazz_wk 12、wai_wk 13、tutu_wk 14、Kevin_wk 15、N22_wk 16、Mcv_wk 17、dr_wk 18、fanfan_wk 19、sen_wk 20、Shr_wk 21、Wong_wk 22、Qinxiaotian_wk 2v2 Game: 1、Sam_wk + G3M1n_wk 2、Jazz_wk + hhdbb_wk 3、YaNg_wk + wong_wk 4、Kevin_wk + gogogo_wk 5、N22_wk + 2#.AI_wk 6、Hold_wk + Shr_wk 7、Red_wk + fanfan_wk 8、1way_wk + tutu_wk 9、Mcv_wk + wai_wk 10、DoNg_wk + walker_wk 11、Dr_wk + Sen_wk The biggest clan , long time Tournament, start at 2019 .3.16. Good luck all! Please pay attention to the Tournament at www.ra95.win.
  3. 1.The original construction speed and operation mode should not be changed too much, mainly to improve the functions and shortcomings, and try to ensure the original flavor. 2.Optimize network to war communication, reduce lag. 3.Supports the game recording function and saves the video files for battle, which is smaller than the video recording on the screen now. 4.Like unit formation (ctrl+ 1,2,3...) To increase the building formation function and achieve several Tesla attacks at one times. 5.Support for more people network warfare, such as 8 vs 8. 6.Map editing function is more troublesome. It will be much faster to support the automatic generation of terrain from Google map screenshots and then map editing. 7.Support more fonts, release multi language version
  4. I think “Aftermath Fast Build” is Aftermath‘s unit and original edition’s building speed。
  5. Aftermath Fast Build English.ini ra-LabelAftermathFastBuild=Aftermath Fast Build ToolTipAftermathFastBuild=With this enabled there won't be a cap for build speed [email protected] you buy additional production facilities of the same [email protected](e.g. more than two Barracks) and the Aftermath expansion is enabled. Chinese.ini ra-LabelAftermathFastBuild=禁止建设速度叠加( 禁止=forbid ) ToolTipAftermathFastBuild=选中后建造速度不会随@生产设备增多而加快(比如: 多于两个兵营). ( 不会=wont be fast ) @FunkyFr3sh Whose translation is this? I have better suggestions for some words.
  6. I found it , https://github.com/CnCNet/ thx!!
  7. U are not online this day , how to send message to U in cncnet forums( no topics no posts ) ?
  8. hi If I want to make a clan ranking system, how can the scroce results be imported into my website after over game? Show it like ladder.cncnet.org . Can I make a copy 1v1 Ladder, and use it in our Clan?
  9. this days Lost connection of cncnet lobby after game (ra95)
  10. Www.ra2ol.com, which imitate cncnet, has implemented a more advanced clan system. MATCHING AND RANKING . In order to make more appropriate Red Alert of a target of 2 online games ", we have developed the Red Alert 2 matching and ranking system. Game player only need to select the good you want, gently a bit, the system automatically for you to find a good teammates or opponents, let the game player more intently into the game. The ranking system can also make more aware of their game player and other game player gap, promote their own ascension game level. Ra2 V1.006, melee Many of the original game player love playing a world of ice and snow melee, so I plan to open, melee mode, game player choice country, the system find 7 enemies for you, so that you can quickly and happily play a game. Ra2 V1.006 1V1 ranked match 1V1 is a measure of the level of the original game player mode. By matching this pattern to improve your section, climb to the full service ranking. Yuri 2V2, ranking 1.001 revenge A lot of game player Yuri love 2V2, so I will 2V2 as a measure of the level of game player Yuri model. You can choose to take a team to conquer the enemy, can also choose to let the system assign a person in your team. Yuri's revenge, 3V3 In this mode the system will automatically choose the 3V3 map and the enemy and your teammate Yuri, lest the game player takes a long time to organize a game.
  11. I check out the problem , the server is not static IP. I make server in , but all output is
  12. 1 v 1 clan or tournament ladder very EZ, add an name and password , then join the copy QM system, setup maps is ok。
  13. yes really!! lol, who payed ladder prize ?
  14. It is mistake in http://www.redalert.one/2018/07/wk.html WK is WK,ORA is ORA,but some players belong to two clan at the same time。 2005s,wk vs ora on CGA:http://www.ra95.win/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3580&extra=page%3D1 Wk players online in CGA before,Some first and good player online CNCNET and join ORA,like Sam_wk, YaNg_wk, Jazz_wk ( CGA name [email protected]_wk),Gemin_wk...They still belong to wk. If they want to choose one of them, they will choose wk. Wk clan has a long history. The Normandy series maps is the work of the Wks. The earliest site was HM BBS, ra95.com, then ra95.net , ra95.96.cn,now is ra95.win. Wk is not all Chinese, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States(remind_wk),but still the majority of Chinese.
  15. I know how to edit it, I want to know how to use this hotkey in game . What is ForceMove ? what is keyHome? And what isKeyDebug?
  16. I make a new server, but cant works, both v2 and v3 The v2 server software is running , and show in cncnet, but cant start game , (win 2008) this page shows good , and 50000 tcp port is open. The v3 server software is also running , but Tunnel master shows port block,I use tcp/udp software to test the 50001 udp port, it is not blocked 。 Try other servers ( win7 / win 7 ) is same problem.
  17. yes, we hold a tournament last month,but non Technology. Ra95 celebrity sponsorship PK tournament: 1. Rules of the game: For individuals to compete in PK, 5 charts (random 1 games) will be given. The number of specific bureaus depends on the number of applicants. 1 - 3 place and 1way PK post. 2, competition map: MAP2 Mini P4 1x2x V3 Ribon Liquid Arena 3, prizes: (Boss way sponsorship) The first Razer high-end mouse Second Razer or Logitech mouse Third Razer or Logitech mouse Participate in the award of 1 Chinese Ra95 commemorative shirts (printed Logo and ID), complete competition can be obtained. Four. Participants: 1, Sam_wk 2, Younger_wk 3, Gemin_wk 4, Kevin_wk 5, Fanfan_wk 6, Dong_wk 7, Walker_wk 8, Wong_wk 9, Jazz_wk 10, Tutu_wk 11, N22_wk 12, Dr_wk ... 100, 1way_wk Welcome to red alert 95 home www.Ra95.win, group chat number: 4146358. We plan to hold the 2v2 3v3 4v4 competition, next month.
  18. Base QM system,I think add a password (like game password), and setting game map will be ok, then show it (only clan password game)。
  19. You are right, but now players less :( bty,how much to pay up a clan ladder base QM ?
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