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Calling out Judy


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Just played a toe game with her and some nubs. Was Korea on spot 3. Spot 1 is attacker leader which he had a battle lab and two gaps on hill. Lolwut. Spot 2 Iraq is a supporter which had like 40 rhinos. Lolwut. Me on spot 3 Korea ofc which had a solid defense and stopped all attacks until I got ran over because spot two didn't even support me. And I get kicked. Lolwut. Seriously these toe kids think they're so good. They sucked horribly. Spot one with 5 bfs and like 10 prism tanks entire game. No defense nothing. Spot two no bunkers no walls nothing. Lolwtf? If you don't know wtf each spot does then don't join a toe game. Period. XD

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Hello I am Judy, do not remember the game you are talking about, but you sound like you are new to the toe map.


It is not a map for new players and you will unfortunately get kicked if you are new, you need to learn the map!


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