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  1. Hi, I have a friend who is having issues with lag. Game will run fine for 20-30mins then suddenly as there are more units it will get slower and slower until game becomes almost unplayable. They have tried various renderers, is there anything else they can do or try to resolve? Any help greatly appreciated - have included PC specs below.
  2. FP4ME

    Chinese pushers

    Actually Jeen this is my own account I am not Andy. Andy is a very good player and I enjoy watching his games, especially when he beats arrogant cheaters like you. He is just a better player than you, so just accept it and stop crying thanks:P
  3. FP4ME

    Chinese pushers

    This is shocking and if proven the offending player should be banned and points removed.
  4. FP4ME

    Client sounds not working

    Anyone? Using windows 10, sounds worked on XP. Now they wont no matter what I try - sounds work fine in game. Thanks.
  5. Hi, My Client sounds stopped working , i.e the beep when joining games and when changing settings or getting a personal message, Any suggestions as to how to fix please? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Something wrong with CNC lobby last couple days - showing as empty see screenshot. Also affecting others. Is there an issue? Thanks.
  7. You can't ban him, he doesn't show up in lobby and using some kind of IP blocker.
  8. Hello this player is still ruining games on a daily basis, are you going to do something please? Thank you
  9. Hello, Can I request that the admins do something about this player. Last night we wasted the night playing 4 games which he ruined. We attempted to kick / ban him however he is using some kind of VPN / Blocker so his name does not even appear in the lobby so it's impossible to ban him. He waits about 15 mins then will team kill his allies thereby ruining the game for all, he seems to take pleasure in causing misery to others. He is also racist and rude to everyone on the game. Nobody likes or wants him here. His main name is "MAYBEWECRAZY". There may be no rules about team killing, however using VPN / IP blockers or whatever he is doing to avoid ban must be against the rules. I await admin response Thanks
  10. Haloween is over can these please be removed now? They glitch and cannot be taken correctly. Thanks you
  11. I see you have introduced pumpkin cr8s for haloween, unfortunately they are glitched and cannot be taken correctly, please remove them and re-instate the normal cr8s as it is ruining the fun of promoting in formations, Thank you
  12. Doesn't matter which nickname, they can check by code which is displayed in client log every time you log in.
  13. Hello, Would it be possible to hide the identity of players in the CNC client log? The game is getting ruined by bailers who look you up then wont play because they are too scared and know they will lose. Should be easy to do? Thanks.
  14. screenshot of error, happens soon as kick anyone and often randomly, affecting others too.
  15. FP4ME


    This is very sad, I live 10 mins from where the crash happened and drive that road regularly. Hope they catch whoever caused this and lock them up for life.
  16. Hi, Since new update when hosting games client will randomly crash for no apparent reason, is this a known issue? I can upload crash log if it helps to diagnose. Thank you
  17. Hi, I got disconnected from cnc lobby , internet went down for about 20 secs then reconnected so I was still in game, however it caused extreme lag, which didn't go until i quit and started a new game, why doesn't it auto re-connect to the cnc lobby if connection goes down for a few seconds? Thanks
  18. Tried /framesendrate 10 tonight and still had 3 games end in recon errors!!! It is driving me crazy, can I upload SYNC files and some admin look and tell me what is going on?? Thanks
  19. Thanks i'll try, can this be done during the game too as we don't know if it will be laggy until it starts!
  20. Tour of Egypt with crates, recons almost always seem to happen when one side is attacking and often in laggy games. If it is not caused by cheats then what could be causing? Thanks
  21. I've just had 4 games in a row now end in a recon error just before other side was about to lose, I have had enough of it, Can you do something about them please? This is meant to be a cheat free server, but sorry to burst your bubble but cheating here is as bad as I've ever seen it.
  22. Recon errors are ruining a lot of games, is there plans to try and do something about them or prove who causes? Thanks
  23. Client crashing non stop when making games, same for all players. Standard maps not displaying correctly. I don't like to moan coz I appreciate the work that goes into this, but every time you release an update it seems to cause issues!! The client was working fine for ages, I think someone forgot to test properly!! Please fix we dont want to drive players away by bad updates. Thank you!
  24. That would be great! It just often seems to happen when one side is losing which makes me suspicious and when certain player(s) are in game.
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