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  1. thank you. i am glad you see it my way now
  2. i am not sarcasm. also, i will choose my level of butt hurt. i am thinking level 4 amount. you think this is some kind of joke that i am level 4 butt hurt? you think i like level 4 ???
  3. good. i would bring it up with as many devs as possible. westwood is still very active in making more maps so lets really not get too crazy with this fan hosted cnc servers. if it were up to me i would reduce the maps to 2-3 (heck.. animal park.. siberian waist..)
  4. feelings are hurt quite honestly. i put my heart and soul into my maps for SURE
  5. i agree lets play path beyond 2 sometime mate
  6. tbh the crates aren't suuuper user friendly but they're fine. ready for the xmas presents tho
  7. Crazy reading Zig's response back in May.
  8. i was just firing shots at ET hah dont take me serious
  9. theres no good clans tho whats the point in clan system
  10. i want to join the gun fam
  11. 15 year old game lets complain that some players are noobs. yawn
  12. Mx mode is fun and fair; but I agree that if I wanted an actual change to the YR game it would simply be the magnetron cliff nerf. This would be a big change and remove the most unnecessary and broken thing Yuri can do.
  13. boomers should have to deploy like choppers in order to bomb. takes a second or 2 and more vulnerable. 3 star IFVS are just dumb remove mag nerf soviet flak a lot if not buffing units, then addressing the numerous glitches and buggy mechanics like: choppers deploying and undeploying is a mess (doesn't match same properties as GI's or other units, for unknown reasons) , miners don't take into account cliffs when going for "closest" ore, miners path like idiots, loading battlefortresses/amphibious transports could be WAAYYY easier. sometimes amphibious transports just won't let a unit in until the 3rd or more try. imagine a hotkey to have selected infantry load into possible transports (select group of 112 infantry, 17 bfs, automatically all try to enter different transports on one command.) also way more glitches
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