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Its possible change the Timer and build area?


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Sorry for the silly question but i want to know if is possible chagen the rules.ini to change:


The Timer in missions like, you have 10minutes to complete some task and change the 10 to 5hours or even remove the time from that mission?


And make the build area bigger? Build some structure in any place of the map


Im trying doing this just for fun on my TS campaing XD


thanks ^^

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On the map ok its a start.


Sorry, ok let me try to explain

For example when you build a power plant you can build another plant only a few "squares" (i don´t know how is the right word) of distance, like 4 squares, and i want to make that "area" bigger, build far from another structure, if possible  :huh: :huh:

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Adjacent= is applied to each building in the rules.ini. Adjacent=2 is the most common. Not sure if buildings can have there Adjacent= changed by placing the code into the map. You can try by opening a map with notepad or wordpad and adding





This should let you place the Tiberium Refinery farther away than normal.

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