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Anyone knows more about "RA2OL" in China?


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Funky just looked into it, its using our client which is open source so there's no issue with that, however they have also stolen our patched exe's which and the code of them are not open source so that'be illegal.

A lot of the art is stolen from random places, http://p1.bpimg.com/570814/53844a119589d255s.png for example, all that artwork is stolen from Blizzards Heroes of the Storm UI, besides the YR logo which is taken from the cncnet website(no you can't find the original logo with transparency, to get that i had to mask it out that's how i know it is from the side).


Apparently they also stole the XWIS website http://i1.piimg.com/570814/f7a81955f17e518as.jpg

Well at least they are equally stealing from everyone


YR.dll is stolen from XWIS

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It seems to be cncnet with a new skin from the looks of it. But our YR client is open source, so it's all good I guess.


We have nothing to do with them nor do we know the guys behind it

But it adopted a cheeky payment mechanism...Only you paid true money to become a VIP member, custom map feature is available.

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