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C&C95 v1.06b vs. S3 Graph Cards. 640x350?



hi peaple, my friends want to install C&C95 on his comuter, well, it is not the BEST ones, but sure it can runs c&c.


howerer, here is the problem:

Some time ago, i've related problem with S3 Trio32/64 cards with C&C95, especially v1.06b, since v1.06a runs very well. But, when i installed in my friend comp. i get the same result! i can't see anithing in 640x400 or 640x480! (1024x768 runs a bit slowly), and in v1.06a, runs good, in 640x400 and 640x480 (1024 runs slow too). then i press "Menu" in him monitor and get a very very wraid resolution status. photographed with a cellphone, bad quality sorry:



Intel Pentium 4 Willamette 1.7Ghz,


Realtek AC'97 Audio

S3 Unichrome Pro (idk the model, but that problem is related with s3 cards 0.0)




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Cheese: Anyway, the problem is related with the VIDEO, not the computer at all.

if you think the computer is a trash, buy another to him =P


Irony: I have not tested another monitor in it, but since v1.06a runs showing "640x480" on it, i'm pretty sure the problem is not related with the monitor, and, i have a S3 Trio64V+, same problem, different monitor.

Another Idea?

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Sorry, I thought the photographed screen was the error.



640x400 is not a standard resolution so some monitors and/or graphics chipsets might have issues displaying it.



I've just done a google. and yeah, S3 Trios have issues with that resolution.


Why not just play it at 1024x768 which is the recommended resolution for the 1.06 patch? As Cheese mentioned, 1.06 is not designed for older hardware and operating systems.

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1024x768 runs a bit slow in the comp.


Command & Conquer For Windows 95 Manual:


2.4.1. S3 TRIO video cards


We have noticed corruption on screen during both game and movies with some (but not all) examples of video cards with this chipset. There is no specific workaround but you should check with your video card manufacturer for updated driver information.


2.4.4. The game starts but I only see a black screen


Try running the 'Command & Conquer Windows 95 Edition Setup' program from the Westwood program group and selecting 640x480 graphics mode. This should be compatible with more systems although you may notice a slight 'letterboxing' effect when using this mode.


Based is this, here is my teory:


Westwood has created 640x480 due maybe a incompatibility of somes videocards with "Brokens" Resolutions, like 640x400 and 640x350. This issues does not happens is newer videocards due, maybe the drivers or the videocard for itself convert the 640x400 or 640x350 to, naturally 640x480, and then, the error cannot be noted (or something). So, this resolution in v1.06b is Corrupted, and Fixed by the videocard. Somes videocards who do not have this caracterist cannoct fix it, and will run a unsupported resolution, making the game stop responding.


640x400 is the native resolution of c&c. since 320x200 . 2 = 640x400  :P


i'll be tankfull if it be fixed. pic. and my friend will be tankfull.

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