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Ladder and Quck match.


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Hi every one!


Sorry if you hear this question every day, but ofcourse I'm lazy ass, that will not evin try to read forum searching for the answer for my question.  :)


I'm interested, do you plan creation of ladder, ranked matches, to allow players to compete each other. Also as XWIS player, I like "Quck matching" very much, its when u press 1 button and get opponent, with rank close to yours, and get random map out of the list.


So, do you plan to create QM and ranked playing? Do you need any help, may be I can do something for that, for example, donation, or something else?


The problem of XWIS is that the activity on it is too low nowadays, nothing to be compared with, for example 2008-2010 (but evin these times for many people considered as "dead game"). Also, when I make game on CnCNet, it offen happens that I cant get suitable opponent for playing. Sometimes they are too good, but in most cases too low, many noobs coming into the game, no matter if it named like "1v1 pro" or "1v1 good players".

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