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☭ Join Tournament 1 Bo5 by Kikematamitos ☢


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News!: The tournament is running and you can vote for the winner: https://youtu.be/VgmwZKzBCJw


More details here.


Panel, info and players registration here


If you wan to participe here is my contact options:


Skype: Kikematamitos

Steam: Kikematamitos



[email protected]


For the people that are in and have problems to join i make this tutorial.

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3 hours ago, XXxPrePxX said:

Hi Kike, I see the tournament going, how is everything going? Good games? I don't really know any of the 4 left :(. My boy Karambooo got knocked out grrr.

You may want to say sypoy will win this :D

And to kike more infos please i heared that another tourney or second round or somethin as i heared?

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