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Beta Stuff (goodies)


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I’ve been exploring the world wide web recently and i have come across these little gems, they might not be for your favourite game or the games might not exist in your eyes but they are still worth a look...


Generals Beta Files



In this package you get almost all of the graphics needed to recreate the beta USA Fraction (not all of it is shown in my pictures) as well as some Chinese and GLA buildings and units (not enough however to be useful for a TC or Beta mod) Also included are a large number of videos, sound files, .ini files and maps


Beta Renegade 2 Files (Win RAR needed)



There is a lot less in this package compared to the generals one however it is still useful. Many of the graphics can be put straight into renegade (however the trees and wall w3d files were designed to use features which were unique to the renegade 2 engine, this doesn’t matter however as some of the Gmax file are included.


A pack Westwood put together before closing of there Renegade 2 models they made for the Ren2 engine demo they showed EA. Contains RA2 models for Soviets and Allies' date=' trees and rocks and some soviet wall models enjoy this special release! Includes: Allied Transport (skin by Assassin) Light Tank Grizzly Tank Prism Tank Apocalypse Tank Rhino Tank Vulture Kirov Airship PT Icons for the units also included by Assassin Map Objects Soviet Wall[/quote']


Beta Tiberian Wars/Kane’s Wrath Files   (Win RAR needed)

(there are a few of them but they only include one unit each)

Stygs made a good job requesting for art packs from Apoc, in fact he did not only receive excisting TW and KW but he managed to get the beta textures and 3d models for several units.

Nod Commando

Nod Fanatic

Nod confessor Cabal

GDI Slingshot

GDI TiberianSuit (Rifleman)

GDI TiberianSuit (Missleman)


Renegade 2 Soviet vulture Helicopter



Several Beta structures, units and icons


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