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GDI - Island of Doctor Chan (Single Player)


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Hey guys, got a GDI mission for you. Moebius was annoyed Nod kept picking on him so they're after Chan this time.

This mission takes inspiration from a few other ones in the game, I'm sure you can spot them. You'll have to carefully make use of your tanks, as they cannot be replaced. Strike out against the Nod forces in the area and destroy all the SAM sites - however do not neglect defending your base and Chan's installation as well. Nod will be trying various ways to get at him, so you'll have to be wary.

The Island of Doctor Chan

Dr. Chan is conducting vital Ion Cannon research in this region. Nod has attacked
his base several times without success, but we're sure they're planning something.
They have set up SAM Sites around the base to prevent evacuation. Destroy
them so that we can send a Chinook for Chan. Do not allow him to be killed, or
his research installation to be destroyed.



IODC v.1.zip

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20 minutes ago, Lightning Hunter said:

Nariac, you really should put all your missions together in a compilation! All of them look really nice.  I haven't played them yet due to how busy I have been lately (plus I've been working on an RA1 SP compilation), but I can't wait to try them out when I get the time. :)

That's kind of you to say. :) I'll consider it some time. There's a few which don't have any feedback yet though, so I'm waiting until judgement has been passed on them before I include them in any list for a compilation. 

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That's what I've been saying! You've got enough maps to do it, and you certainly put a lot of love into your work. 

 Combined, you and I could probably release a 100 mission expansion . The... NarStar pack? We'll work on that name...

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