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Nod - Divide and Conquer (Single Player)


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Heya, time for a Nod mission.

You start in a section of your formerly massive base, which has been split up by a GDI attack. You have to retake and hold each section in turn until you can rebuild your forces and take the fight to GDI. You get access to all of Nod's toys in this mission, even Chem-warriors, but you have to earn the good stuff by taking back what's yours!

On an unrelated note, I'm particularly proud of the power plant in the bottom right of the second screenshot. That's Nod engineering for you, holding together no matter what!

Divide and Conquer

GDI has launched a devastating attack upon Temple Prime. The base is crippled
and the bridges linking it together have been destroyed. Reinforcements we sent
have been intercepted and destroyed, with the exception of a single Commando.
You must find a way to regain control of the base sections while holding off
GDI, then take the fight to them. Temple Prime has access to all our assets. Use them.


  • Changed some GDI unit behaviour to sticky to prevent them revealing a section of your base too soon.
  • Rearranged base layout a little bit.

DaC Start.png

Dat power plant tho.png




DaC v.3.zip

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Lol I just used this name in my last mission pack. I don't know how is taken this for people to realize " hey Tha would be a perfect name for a CNC mission." Sincerely going to give this one a playthrough, your nod m missions have all been top notch!


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No problem i had to modify the map a bit to make it work for the N64, first i had to replace the broken bridges with just rivers because Nyerguds conversion tool will convert every part of the terrain except bridges for some reason =\. But mainly i had to change everything that was Multi6 over to Neutral including triggers and teamtypes because sadly the N64C&C has only 3 working houses which are GDI Nod and Neutral :(

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Hmm. Hopefully the mission still works fine with Multi6 changed to Neutral. I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't.

And yeah the broken bridges have to be replaced because those tiles don't actually exist in the N64 version, only fixed bridges do. :P

EDIT: Okay, so I reduced Neutral house starting credits to 0, gave them "ColorScheme=Nod", and changed the 2 Biolabs and the Temple to be owned by them, and it seems to be fine. Only issue is some of the civilian buildings now have a weird red tint. That could be changed by giving the civilian buildings to GDI, though.

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