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Tiberian Dawn - Rib Cage - (5P) Updated: 04/09/2010


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I attempted to make a slightly symmetrical multiplayer map (boohoo) so here it is:




The top spawn is a wildcard, and I guess you could use this for 2v2.


Cliffs at the side might look pointless but it provides the bottom 2 spawns with cover (and a possibility to build a defensive structure in the cliff).


The number this map uses is: scm44ea


Download: http://filesmelt.com/dl/SCM44EA_RIB_CAGE_FINAL.rar




- Made much, much bigger.


- Added more cover in the form of cliffs.


- More spaced out spawns, more tiberium.


- Fixed Blossom trees not popping up.


- Changed the map name to display as "Rib Cage (5P)"


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