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Tiberian Dawn - Rib Cage - (5P) Updated: 04/09/2010


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I attempted to make a slightly symmetrical multiplayer map (boohoo) so here it is:




The top spawn is a wildcard, and I guess you could use this for 2v2.


Cliffs at the side might look pointless but it provides the bottom 2 spawns with cover (and a possibility to build a defensive structure in the cliff).


The number this map uses is: scm44ea


Download: http://filesmelt.com/dl/SCM44EA_RIB_CAGE_FINAL.rar




- Made much, much bigger.


- Added more cover in the form of cliffs.


- More spaced out spawns, more tiberium.


- Fixed Blossom trees not popping up.


- Changed the map name to display as "Rib Cage (5P)"


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Great map Chubster. :3


We will definitely have to play this one.


Overall, very nice map.


It would be nice if you resized the image to 1024x768 so you can see the whole map without scrolling about.


I'll give it a 4 out of 5 in my books.

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