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[YR] Spy Hunt (2)

Chrono Vortex

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This is taken directly from a post I made to Project Perfect Mod. View the original thread here.

This is a fairly simple minigame-style map based entirely off the map in the final Allied campaign. There are a few lighting and ambient sound changes and a good number of INI edits made to accommodate the “game mode” if you will.

The player at position 1 starts with a spy and 4 mirage tanks. His objective is to destroy the Kremlin (with C4, as infiltration caused some problems) without being detected. The mirage tanks can carry one infantry and have had their speed reduced and weapon removed. Don't expect to effectively use them for anything more than scouting or as a hiding place. The mirages are expendable, but losing the spy means losing the game.

The player at position 2 starts with 2 Borises. His objective is to find all enemy spies and kill them before any get to the Kremlin without killing any neutral infantry, as killing 1 neutral unit will cause him to lose.

The hunter and the spy each have paradrops for an extra Boris and spy (respectively), in addition to map-revealing powers.

• Short game must be on for victory/loss conditions to function. Starting unit count and crates shouldn’t matter, but just to be safe it’s best to turn them off.
• If a neutral infantry unit occupies a cell Boris attempts to enter, Boris will auto attack. 
• If a tank attempts to enter a cell that Boris is entering at just the right moment, the tank will explode. 

Due of Boris’s trigger happy nature it’s best to try to keep him out of tight spaces and out of the way of neutral infantry and tanks as much as possible.

posted image



The latest version of CnCNet has fixed the display of HD previews, rendering the instructions in the preview of this map pointless. To accommodate this, I've added briefing text which displays over the now normal preview.

Download the version with briefing text here.

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