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Adding an Author to a Map

Chrono Vortex

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I'm really surprised this hasn't been mentioned in some official post somewhere, because it seems kinda important and nobody seems to know how to do it.

All you need to do it open your map in notepad, go to Edit -> Find and search for [Basic]. Then, under [Basic], add Author=Your Name Here.

You may want to download and use notepad++ for this.

Here's an example.

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2 Ways to Add Author's Name to Maps

Open the map in a text editor such as Notepad,
MS Word
Search or find the [Basic] section
type or paste in the code
Author=Name you want there...

You can go in the INI editing tab found under EDIT Button
Open the Editor
Scroll down to the Basic Section
In the Section Content Keys
Click the Add Button
In Create Key Prompt
Add the Info you need after you add

2 ways to add Author's Name to maps.jpg

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