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New Laptop, CNCNET not working to full capacity!


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Hi all,

Not sure who can actually help me with this one!

I seem to get a lot of prompts ingame telling me that i can't download the map etc, and due to that reason i then can't accept and play in that game.

It even happens when i actually have the map in map list, When i try to open up CNCNet and click on play TS Online, it gives me an error message of, couldn't install update and if i continue to play i will be playing older version from time to time.

Any thoughts my fellow gamers?

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Try to replace the cncnet5.exe in your game folder with this one:



Start cncnet and when it shows you the message about the failed update, copy it and paste it here.


Also, when the map download fails, what Httpstatuscode does the error message show?


Note: You can press CTRL+C on any messagebox to copy the whole text quickly

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